After FSc Pre-Med Guide Career Options & Scope of Different Fields
FSc Pre-Med Guide Career Options & Scope of Different Fields

Are you looking for a guide to various fields & disciplines after FSc Pre-Med? Here is After FSc Pre-Med Guide Career Options & Scope of Different Fields. As, you are near to complete your education’s intermediate level or have done it. So, now you need to have a counselling session. This career counselling session will greatly help you in taking a right final decision.

We’ll completely guide you about all the different fields, disciplines, courses & their present & future scope. Please read this page from start to end & have a best career counselling session with us.

We welcome you at our F.Sc Pre-Medical Career Counselling session.

After FSc Pre-Med Guide Career Options & Scope of Different Fields

First of all keep in mind that life is just like a game. As in games every next level demands more hard work, more passion, more attention, more time. Similarly, in real life your every next level will demand same. Therefore, you should always put more effort & hard work on the next level. Only this results into success. So, now it’s time to be more determined than ever & proceed to next level.

On next level, mean in graduation, you’ve a number of option to opt from. Before opting any of them, deeply think about your interests. As, it’s your interest that’ll keep up your hard work in that particular field/subject. Resultantly, you’ll become an expert in that particular field.

Let’s discuss available fields according to your intermediate’s major subjects.

Pre-Medical Students Career Options

Career Options for Pre-Medical Students

Now when you’ve done your Inter, FSc Pre-Medical, you are aware of all fundamental concepts of it. Pre-Medical is an interesting field, as, it deals with living things. Most of the students like Biology subject due to living sciences. Their mind accepts & understands all the natural phenomenons happening all around us, as well as, within ourselves.

It is said that Pre-Medical field is difficult as compared to other fields. Moreover, it demands more hard work, time & capability. But, it’s passion that transforms it into easy & makes you able to provide all the required time, hard work & capability. Remember, your more hard work is not going to waste, as, it’s the field that rewards you more respect, more income & more comfort obviously.

As mentioned above this field demands more time, so you should not waste your time after your inter exams. Start your MCAT & MDCAT preparation, instantly after you inter exams. Both MCAT & MDCAT are entrance tests & are compulsory to pass, to take admission in medical or dental colleges.

University of Health Sciences (UHS) is responsible to hold MCAT & MDCAT examinations. Click here to know about UHS, MCAT & MDCAT.

What are Possible Fields after FSc Pre-Medical?

UHS itself offers a wide range of study fields. You can choose any of them, according to your own choice. Furthermore, all the fields offered by UHS have equal importance & scope, except MBBS, BDS, Pharm D & DPT. Because, MBBS, BDS, Pharm D & DPT, all are best, in term of scope. Therefore, it’s more difficult to get in them.

The following are the courses that are offered by University of Health Sciences (UHS), at Graduate Level:

  1. MBBS (Bachelor in Medicines & Bachelor in Surgery) (5 Years)
  2. BDS (Bachelor in Dentistry Sciences) (4 Years)
  3. Pharm D (5 Years)
  4. DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) (5 Years)
  5. Nursing (2 Years & 4 Years)
  6. BS (Hons), it includes following fields;
    • Biotechnology (4 Years)
    • Medical Imaging Technology (4 Years)
    • Medical Laboratory Technology (4 Years)
    • Optometry & Orthoptics (4 Years)
    • Emergency & Intensive Care Sciences (4 Years)
    • Orthotics & Prosthetic (4 Years)
    • Audiology (4 Years)
    • Operation Theatre Technology (4 Years)
    • Dental Technology (4 Years)
    • Dental Hygiene (4 Years)
    • Cardiac Perfusion (4 Years)
    • Occupational Therapy (4 Years)
    • Speech & Language Pathology (4 Years)
    • Respiratory Therapy (4 Years)
    • Nutrition (4 Years)
  7. Condensed Courses B.Sc. (Hons) Allied Health Sciences
    • Medical Imaging Technology (1 Year)
    • Medical Laboratory Technology (2 Years)

This is not the end of F.Sc Pre-Med fields. There are many other universities in Pakistan that offer many other kind of fields.

If you want to know more details about any specific program, feel free to comment below or contact us.

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M Nouman

which field is best for me in soudia arabia after fsc medical. (except mbbs)

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