All Agriculture Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan fi
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All Agriculture Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan

All Agriculture Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan

Are you looking for the scope of Agriculture Programs? Here you can find all Agriculture Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan. As the population of the world is increasing, need of food is also increasing. Therefore, advancement in agriculture is inevitable, not only in Pakistan, but all over the world.

Agriculture Programs research the increase in the amount of agricultural final products. Agricultural Scientist also focus on decreasing human hardship, hence, they invent new agricultural machinery.

As we know, Agriculture is the science & art of cultivating plants & livestock. Moreover, agriculture was the key development in the rise of human civilization. The history of agriculture began thousands of years ago & will continue forever. Therefore, the scope of Agriculture Study will also never decline.

All Agriculture Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan

Agriculture Programs in Pakistan

Agriculture is broad field & can be divided into Agronomy, Food Science & Technology, Plant Breeding & Genetics, Soil Science, Agricultural Business & son on.

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Pakistan’s all major universities mostly offer admissions in all the major Agricultural programs. Moreover, there are also such universities, who offer admissions in only one or two specialized Agriculture programs.

There are round about 30 Agriculture fields. Every field has it’s own importance & scope. Each filed deals with some special kind of agriculture. That’s why, in this rapidly populating world, we can’t deny the scope of any agriculture field.

In addition, student’s interest is of prime importance, it’s your interest that increases the scope of a particular Agriculture program. Therefore, think well about your own interest, before selecting a Agriculture field.

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List of Agriculture Programs, their Scope & Admission Information

List of Agriculture Programs in Pakistan

Following table lists all available Agriculture programs in Pakistan. Moreover, click “Scope” to check scope or importance of that particular Agriculture course/program. As well as, click “Admissions” to know which university offers admissions in that particular Agriculture course/program.

Sr. No.Course or Program NameAdmissionsScope
3Food Science & TechnologyAdmissionsScope
4Food TechnologyAdmissionsScope
5Plant Breeding & GeneticsAdmissionsScope
6Soil ScienceAdmissionsScope
7Plant Pathology & Plant ProtectionAdmissionsScope
8Agricultural & Resource EconomicsAdmissionsScope
9Agricultural BusinessAdmissionsScope
10Agricultural EconomicsAdmissionsScope
11Agricultural Economics & StatisticsAdmissionsScope
12Agricultural Education & ExtensionAdmissionsScope
13Agricultural EntomologyAdmissionsScope
14Agricultural ExtensionAdmissionsScope
15Agricultural SciencesAdmissionsScope
16Agriculture & Agribusiness ManagementAdmissionsScope
17Animal SciencesAdmissionsScope
18Crop ProtectionAdmissionsScope
19Dairy TechnologyAdmissionsScope
21Farm ManagementAdmissionsScope
22Food EngineeringAdmissionsScope
23Food ScienceAdmissionsScope
26Horticulture & Crop PhysiologyAdmissionsScope
27Human NutritionAdmissionsScope
29Livestock ManagementAdmissionsScope
30Plant SciencesAdmissionsScope
31Poultry SciencesAdmissionsScope

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