All Arts Social Sciences Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan fi
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All Arts Social Sciences Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan

All Arts Social Sciences Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan

Are looking for the scope of Arts or Social Sciences fields? Here you can find all Arts Social Sciences Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan. Social Sciences includes subjects from social areas of life. Students get admission in social sciences programs to learn

The discipline “Social Sciences” also commonly known as Arts Programs in Pakistan & in some other countries. Arts programs are the chain of Matric with arts subjects then FA, BA, MA & so on.

All Arts Social Sciences Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan

What is Social Science? According to Wikipedia “Social science is a category of academic disciplines concerned with society & the relationships among individuals within a society.”

The social science disciplines are branches of knowledge taught and researched at the college or university level. Social science fields of study usually have several sub-disciplines or programs. The sub-disciplines include, but are not limited to: anthropology, archaeology, communication studies, economics, history, musicology, human geography, jurisprudence, linguistics, political science, psychology, public health & sociology.

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Pakistan’s all major universities mostly offer admissions in all the major Social Sciences programs. Moreover, there also such universities, who offer admissions in only one or two specialized Social Sciences programs.

There are round about 60 Social Sciences fields, after FA. Every field has it’s own importance & scope. Each filed cope with some special kind of social subjects. That’s why, we can’t deny the scope of any Social Sciences field in increasing Social life issues.

In addition, student’s interest is of prime importance, it’s your interest that increases the scope of a particular Social Sciences program. Therefore, think well about your own interest, before selecting a Social Sciences field.

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List of Social Sciences Programs, their Scope & Admission Information


Following table lists all available Social Sciences programs in Pakistan. Moreover, click “Scope” to check scope or importance of that particular Social Sciences course/program. As well as, click “Admissions” to know which university offers admissions in that particular Social Sciences course/program.

Sr. No.Course or Program NameAdmissionsScope
2Government & Public PolicyAdmissionsScope
4International RelationsAdmissionsScope
6Pakistan StudiesAdmissionsScope
7Political ScienceAdmissionsScope
11Behavioural SciencesAdmissionsScope
13Development EconomicsAdmissionsScope
16Strategic StudiesAdmissionsScope
17Development StudiesAdmissionsScope
18Gender StudiesAdmissionsScope
19Social & Cultural StudiesAdmissionsScope
20Anthropology & SociologyAdmissionsScope
21Applied EconomicsAdmissionsScope
22Applied PsychologyAdmissionsScope
24Area StudiesAdmissionsScope
26Clinical PsychologyAdmissionsScope
27Community WorkAdmissionsScope
28Comparative Liberal StudiesAdmissionsScope
29Conflict & Peace StudiesAdmissionsScope
30Conservation StudiesAdmissionsScope
32Defense & Diplomatic StudiesAdmissionsScope
33Economics & LawAdmissionsScope
34Economics & PoliticsAdmissionsScope
35Gender & DevelopmentAdmissionsScope
36General HistoryAdmissionsScope
37Home EconomicsAdmissionsScope
39Industrial & Organizational PsychologyAdmissionsScope
40Islamic Commercial LawAdmissionsScope
42Legal StudiesAdmissionsScope
43Liberal StudiesAdmissionsScope
44Library & Information ScienceAdmissionsScope
45Mental Health Diagnostic SkillsAdmissionsScope
46Pakistan Studies & HistoryAdmissionsScope
47Peace & Conflict ResolutionAdmissionsScope
48Politics & International RelationsAdmissionsScope
49Politics & Parliamentary StudiesAdmissionsScope
50Professional PsychologyAdmissionsScope
51Public PolicyAdmissionsScope
52Rural DevelopmentAdmissionsScope
53Rural SociologyAdmissionsScope
54Social AnthropologyAdmissionsScope
55Social Development & PolicyAdmissionsScope
56Social SciencesAdmissionsScope
57Social Sciences & Liberal ArtsAdmissionsScope
58Social Sciences Of HealthAdmissionsScope
59Social WorkAdmissionsScope
60Women StudiesAdmissionsScope

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