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All Management Sciences Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan

All Management Sciences Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan

Are you looking for the scope of Management Sciences? Here you can find all Management Sciences Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan. As the organizations are expanding & increasing with the passage of time, so the need of Management Scientists is also increasing.

Management sciences involves the study of problem solving & decision making in human organizations with strong links to management, economics, business, engineering, management consulting & other fields.

Moreover, the techniques of management science are not restricted to business applications only. But, may be applied to military, medical, public administration, charitable groups, political groups or community groups. Management Sciences are studied all over the world & it’s importance is also rapidly growing. Therefore, there is huge scope of Management Sciences.

All Management Sciences Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan

Management Sciences Programs in Pakistan

Management Sciences is broad field & can be divided into Aviation Management, Business Administration, Human Resources, Marketing, Public Administration & son on.

Pakistan’s all major universities mostly offer admissions in all the major Management Sciences programs. Moreover, there are also such universities, who offer admissions in only one or two specialized Management Sciences programs.

There are round about 60 Management Sciences fields. Every field has it’s own importance & scope. Each filed cope with some special kind of management. That’s why, in this rapidly developing world, we can’t deny the scope of any Management Sciences field.

In addition, student’s interest is of prime importance, it’s your interest that increases the scope of a particular Management Sciences program. Therefore, think well about your own interest, before selecting a Management Sciences field.

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List of Management Sciences Programs, their Scope & Admission Information


Following table lists all available Management Sciences programs in Pakistan. Moreover, click “Scope” to check scope or importance of that particular Management Sciences course/program. As well as, click “Admissions” to know which university offers admissions in that particular Management Sciences course/program.

Sr. No.Course or Program NameAdmissionsScope
1Aviation ManagementAdmissionsScope
2Business AdministrationAdmissionsScope
3Human ResourcesAdmissionsScope
4Human Resources ManagementAdmissionsScope
6Public AdministrationAdmissionsScope
7Disaster ManagementAdmissionsScope
9Hotel ManagementAdmissionsScope
10Agriculture Business ManagementAdmissionsScope
11Applied ManagementAdmissionsScope
13Business & Information TechnologyAdmissionsScope
14Business & Management SciencesAdmissionsScope
15Business EconomicsAdmissionsScope
16Business InformaticsAdmissionsScope
17Business ManagementAdmissionsScope
18Business StudiesAdmissionsScope
19Cultural Heritage & Tourism ManagementAdmissionsScope
20Disaster Preparedness & ManagementAdmissionsScope
21Disaster Risk ManagementAdmissionsScope
22Economics & Business ItAdmissionsScope
23Economics & ManagementAdmissionsScope
24Enterprise Resource PlanningAdmissionsScope
25Finance & TechnologyAdmissionsScope
26Heritage ManagementAdmissionsScope
27Hospital & Health Services ManagementAdmissionsScope
28Hospitality ManagementAdmissionsScope
29Industrial ManagementAdmissionsScope
30International Business & TradeAdmissionsScope
31International Hospitality ManagementAdmissionsScope
32Islamic Business & EconomicsAdmissionsScope
33Leadership & Management StudiesAdmissionsScope
34Logistics, Supply Chain ManagementAdmissionsScope
36Management & LawAdmissionsScope
37Management SciencesAdmissionsScope
38Management StudiesAdmissionsScope
39Maritime ManagementAdmissionsScope
40Operations & Supply Chain ManagementAdmissionsScope
41Organizational CommunicationAdmissionsScope
42Project ManagementAdmissionsScope
43Quality ManagementAdmissionsScope
44Retail MerchandisingAdmissionsScope
45Sales & MarketingAdmissionsScope
46Sales ManagementAdmissionsScope
47Shipping & LogisticsAdmissionsScope
48Supply Chain ManagementAdmissionsScope
49Technology ManagementAdmissionsScope
50Textile ManagementAdmissionsScope
51Textile Management & MarketingAdmissionsScope
52Textile Marketing & MerchandisingAdmissionsScope
53Tourism & HospitalityAdmissionsScope
54Tourism & Hotel ManagementAdmissionsScope
55Tourism ManagementAdmissionsScope
56Transportation LogisticsAdmissionsScope
57Travel Agency ManagementAdmissionsScope

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