All Medical Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan fi
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All Medical Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan

All Medical Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan

Are looking for the scope of different Medical fields? Here you can find all Medical Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan. The scope of Medical is undeniable, not only in Pakistan, but all over the world.

All Medical Programs Scope Admissions & Universities in Pakistan

As, increasing population & decreasing quality food causes health issues. As well as, large number of factories also created a bad impact on our natural environment. Hence, to cope with all rising health issues, development in medical field is also necessary.

Pakistan’s all major universities mostly offer admissions in all the Medical programs, except MBBS & BDS. Moreover, there also such universities, who offer admissions in only one or two specialized Medical programs.

There are round about 98 Medical fields, after FSc Pre-Medical. Every field has it’s own importance & scope. Each filed cope with some special kind of health issue. That’s why, we can’t deny the scope of any medical field in this increasing health issues era.

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In addition, student’s interest is of prime importance, it’s your interest that increases the scope of a particular medical program. Therefore, think well about your own interest, before selecting a medical field.

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List of Medical Programs, their Scope & Admission Information

Medical Program Students

Following table lists all available medical programs in Pakistan. Moreover, click “Scope” to check scope or importance of that particular medical course/program. As well as, click “Admissions” to know which university offers admissions in that particular medical course/program.

Sr. No.Course or Program NameAdmissionsScope
2Dentistry (BDS)AdmissionsScope
6Emergency & Intensive Care SciencesAdmissionsScope
7Food & NutritionAdmissionsScope
8Homeopathic Medical ScienceAdmissionsScope
9Medical Image TechnologyAdmissionsScope
10Medical Laboratory TechnologyAdmissionsScope
12Physical TherapyAdmissionsScope
13Renal Dialysis TechnologyAdmissionsScope
14Speech Language TherapyAdmissionsScope
15Vision SciencesAdmissionsScope
16Anaesthesia TechnicianAdmissionsScope
18Anesthesia TechnologyAdmissionsScope
20Audiology & Speech Language TherapyAdmissionsScope
21Audiology & Speech PathologyAdmissionsScope
22Biochemical PathologyAdmissionsScope
23Cardiac PerfusionAdmissionsScope
25Cardiovascular SciencesAdmissionsScope
26Clinical Laboratory SciencesAdmissionsScope
27Clinical Micro BiologyAdmissionsScope
28Nuclear MedicineAdmissionsScope
29Critical Care SciencesAdmissionsScope
30Dental HygienistAdmissionsScope
31Dental TechnologyAdmissionsScope
33Diagnostic RadiologyAdmissionsScope
34Dialysis TechnologyAdmissionsScope
35Eastern Medicine & SurgeryAdmissionsScope
36Emergency Medical Technician/DispenserAdmissionsScope
37Emergency MedicineAdmissionsScope
38Epidemiology & Public HealthAdmissionsScope
39Food Science & NutritionAdmissionsScope
40Food Sciences & Human NutritionAdmissionsScope
41Forensic StudiesAdmissionsScope
42General NursingAdmissionsScope
44Healthcare Systems ManagementAdmissionsScope
45Human Diet & NutritionAdmissionsScope
46Human Nutrition & Dietetics MissionAdmissionsScope
47Imaging TechnicianAdmissionsScope
48Intensive Care MedicineAdmissionsScope
49Investigative OphthalmologyAdmissionsScope
50Medical Laboratory SciencesAdmissionsScope
51Medical PhysicsAdmissionsScope
52Medical Radio DiagnosisAdmissionsScope
53Medical TechnologyAdmissionsScope
54Medical UltrasoundAdmissionsScope
56Molecular MedicineAdmissionsScope
57Molecular PathologyAdmissionsScope
58Neuro ElectrophysiologyAdmissionsScope
59Neuro Physiology TechnologyAdmissionsScope
60Neuro SciencesAdmissionsScope
61Nursing GenericAdmissionsScope
63Nutrition & DieteticsAdmissionsScope
64Nutritional SciencesAdmissionsScope
65Occupational TherapyAdmissionsScope
66Operation Theater TechnologyAdmissionsScope
67Operation Theatre SciencesAdmissionsScope
68Operation Theatre TechnicianAdmissionsScope
69Ophthalmic TechnicianAdmissionsScope
70Optometry & OrthopticsAdmissionsScope
74Perfusion SciencesAdmissionsScope
75Pharmaceutical MarketingAdmissionsScope
78Prosthetics & OrthoticsAdmissionsScope
80Public HealthAdmissionsScope
81Radiation OncologyAdmissionsScope
83Radiographic & Imaging TechnologyAdmissionsScope
84Radiologic TechnologyAdmissionsScope
85Radiological ImagingAdmissionsScope
88Rehabilitation SciencesAdmissionsScope
89Respiratory TherapyAdmissionsScope
90Skin CareAdmissionsScope
91Speech & Language PathologyAdmissionsScope
92Speech Language & Hearing SciencesAdmissionsScope
93Sport SciencesAdmissionsScope
94Surgery TechnologyAdmissionsScope
95Ultrasound TechnologyAdmissionsScope
97Veterinary MedicineAdmissionsScope

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