Oceans & Seas Important General Knowledge MCQs


Oceans & Seas Important General Knowledge MCQs

Oceans & Seas Important General Knowledge MCQs

Part-2 Oceans & Seas Important MCQs

Ocean currents are caused by ———.
(a) Westerlies
(b) Periodic winds
(c) Permanent winds-✔️
(d) Monsoon winds

Consider the following countries:
Which of these border (s) the Sea?
(a) 1 only
(b) 1 and 2-✔️
(c) 2 and 3
(d) 1,2 and 3

A ship met with an accident at 30°E and 35°N. The ship was sailing the:
(a) Baltic Sea
(b) Black Sea
(c) Mediterranean Sea-✔️
(d) Red Sea

Which of the following sea is located in Central Asia?
(a) Red sea
(b) China sea
(c) Japan sea
(d) Aral sea-✔️

Which of the following Oceans is called “father of oceans”———-?
(a) Indian Ocean
(b) Atlantic Ocean
(c) Pacific Ocean-✔️
(d) None of these

Which of the following Oceans was called “Bahr-e-Zulamat” by Allama Iqbal?
(a) Indian Ocean
(b) Atlantic Ocean-✔️
(c) Pacific Ocean
(d) Arabic Ocean

What is the average depth of all oceans?
(a) 3735 metres
(b) 4437 metres
(c) 3530 metres-✔️
(d) 6135 metres

Which of the following oceans covers about one third of the surface earth?
(a) Pacific Ocean-✔️
(b) Atlantic Ocean
(c) Indian Ocean
(d) Adriatic Ocean

Which is the smallest ocean of the world?
(a) Indian Ocean
(b) Arctic Ocean-✔️
(c) Pacific Ocean
(d) Atlantic Ocean

Which is the second largest ocean of the world?
(a) Atlantic Ocean-✔️
(b) Pacific Ocean
(c) Indian Ocean
(d) None of these

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