PPSC Past Papers Labor Officer Solved Past Papers fi
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PPSC Past Papers Labor Officer Solved Past Papers

PPSC Past Papers Labor Officer Solved Past Papers

Here you can find PPSC Past Papers Labor Officer Solved Past Papers. PPSC conducted paper in the past, Labor Officer was of BS 15 Post. If you are preparing for PPSC exam, these solved past paper’s questions are very important for you. Most of the questions usually repeat in future papers. Therefore, you must prepare these questions very well.

PPSC Past Papers Labor Officer Solved Past Papers

Labor Officer Solved Past Papers

Part-1 Labor Officer Solved Past Paper

1. John Kerry is United States of America’s:
(A) Vice-President
(B) National Security Advisor
(C) Secretary of State βœ“
(D) Commander-in-Chief

2. Steve Jobs earned fame during his association with:
(A) Microsoft
(B) Intel (C) Dell
(D) Apple βœ“

3. “Laissez-Faire” means:
(A) Non-interference of state in economy βœ“
(B) Extra-ordinary political activity
(C) Fast-pace industrialization of a country
(D) Rescue operation in flood-effected areas.

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4. Renowned novelist Ernest Hemingway belonged to:
(A) England
(B) Syria
(C) America βœ“
(D) Columbia

5. “Azerbaijan” Is located In:
(A) Western Europe
(B) Latin America
(C) Central Asia βœ“
(D) Middle East

6. The branch of medicine dealing with Skin Is called:
(A) Pharmacology 
(B) Urology
(C) Parasitology
(D) Dermatology βœ“

7. Kitab-ul-Hind was written by:
(A) Al-Farabl
(B) Al-Razl
(C) Al-Beruni βœ“
(D) Ibn-i-Sina

8. Which Urdu poet was given “Lenin Award” by the ex-USSR Government?
(A) Munir Niazi
(B) Habib Jalib
(C) Faiz Ahmed Faiz βœ“
(D) Ahmed Faraz

9. Prague is the capital of:
(A) Romania
(B) Brazil
(C) Uganda
(D) Czech Republic βœ“

10. Who is the Foreign Minister of Pakistan?
(A) SartajAziz
(B) KhawajaAsif
(C) Mian M. Nawaz Sharif βœ“
(D) Ishaq Dar

11. The “Theory of Population” was propounded by:
(A) John Calvin
(B) Dr. Henry Kissenger
(C) Thomas Robert βœ“
(D) Adam Smith

12. Warren Hastings was the:
(A) English King during 1$t World War
(B) Second President of the USA
(C) Governor General of India βœ“
(D) Prime Minister of the USSR

at the time of it’s break-up
13. Guglielmo Marconi Invented:
(A) Television
(B) Camera
(C) Tape recorder
(D) Radio βœ“

14. Second President of the U.S A was:
(A) Thomas Jefferson
(B) John Adams βœ“
(C) James Madison
(D) James Monroe

15. “Communist Manifesto” was written by:
(A) Karl Marx
(B) Engels
(C) Jointly by Marx and Engels βœ“
(D) None of these

16. Albert Einstein is best known for his:
(A) ^ Research on Universe
(B) Ideas about human development
(C) Theory of relativity βœ“
(D) Theory of evolution

17. Aristotle was the teacher of:
(A) Alexander βœ“
(B) Plato
(C) Buddha
(D) Julius Caesar

18. Printing Press was Invented by:
(A) Alexander Graham Bell
(B) Johann Gutenberg βœ“
(C) Martin Luther
(D) James Watt

19. 38 Parallel is a boundary line between:
(A) North Korea and South Korea βœ“
(B) India and China
(C) China and Taiwan
(D) Germany and Poland

20. Which of the following leader ,is a Nobel Peace Prize winner?
(A) Jawahartal Nehru
(B) Barak Hussain Obama βœ“
(C) Tony Blair
(D) Richard Nixon

21. In which city was the 1st Islamic Conference held?
(A) Mecca
(B) Rabat βœ“
(C) Damascus
(D) Cairo

22. Who was the 1 st Woman Ruler of India?
(A) Indra Gandhi
(B) Chand Bibi
(C) Nur Jahan
(D) Razia Sultana βœ“

23. What comes to mind with the name of Neil Armstrong?
(A) Water
(B) America
(C) Moon βœ“
(D) 19th Century

24. “History of the Saracens” was written by:
(A) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
(B) Shibli Naumani
(C) Abu-al-Kalam Azad
(D) Syed Ameer Ali βœ“

25. Which country out of the following is not located In Asia?
(A) Thailand
(B) Indonesia
(C) Myanmar
(D) Libya βœ“

26. 10-Downing Street Is the official residence of:
(A) Pope
(B) Secretary General of UNO
(C) Prime Minister of UK βœ“
(D) President of France

27. The Roman Numeral β€œXX” means:
(A) 200
(B) 2,000
(C) 20,000
(D) 20 βœ“

28. β€œBona fide” means:
(A) Acting in good faith βœ“
(B) Acting in bad faith
(C) Acting with intention
(D) None of these

29. Which of the following has been written by Sigmund Freud?
(A) The Interpretation of Dreams βœ“
(B) Autumn of Fury
(C) Blood of Revolution
(D) Faces in the Mirror

30. Who was the Adam Smith?
(A) The Prime Minister of France during 1 st World War
(B) An Economist βœ“
(C) A Scientist
(D) A Geologist

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PPSC Past Papers Labor Officer Solved Past Papers

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