What is Food Technology & It’s Career Scope in Pakistan

What is Food Technology & It's Career Scope in Pakistan

Are you looking for the career scope in Food Technology? Here you’ll know about What is Food Technology & It’s Career Scope in Pakistan. Food Technology or Food Science has been the most demanding profession. Moreover, now a days it has got prime importance due to the scarcity of pure food & increasing health issues. Basically, Food Sciences explain, how to live balanced healthy life with the help of balanced healthy diet.

What is Food Technology & It’s Career Scope in Pakistan

What is Food Technology

What is Food Technology? There is diversity of scientific & practical disciplines in food technology. It includes Chemistry, Biology, Physics & even Engineering. Furthermore, it deals with the production food, processing, preservation, packaging & to worldwide distribution. It deals with all types of foods like meat, fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish, egg, milk, spices etc.

Nature of Food Technology Job:

Food Technology Students on Job

Primary job of a food scientist is to check the raw materials, maintain clean & hygienic conditions & quality of the food. As stated earlier, their job responsibility ranges from food production to distribution level.

Food Technology perform the following services in Medical field;

  • Study the physical, microbiological & chemical composition of food.
  • Analyze the food to ensure its nutritional value.
  • Develop new techniques for processing & preservation of food articles.
  • Responsible for all aspects of production of the finished food product. This ranges from the sourcing & correct storage of raw materials to actual processing & packaging of the product ready for distribution.
  • Analyze current consumer trends & latest techniques to develop new product ideas.
  • Liaising with manufacturing companies to identify the critical properties of a food product & suggesting appropriate packaging & filling techniques.
  • Food technologists working in the area of product development are responsible for developing products & continual improvement of foods.
  • Research & development work in laboratories or on production lines
  • Quality control & quality assurance of food.

Admission Requirements for Food Technology in Pakistan

Admission Requirements Food Technology

Following are the admission requirements for Food Technology in Pakistan;

  • FSc Pre-Medical (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) or Equivalence
  • 50% marks
  • Domicile from Home District

What is Career Scope of Food Technology in Pakistan?

Scope of Food Technology

Some Food Scientists provide services to firms or organizations independently. While, other work for the government, managed care organizations, public health care services, the armed services. Finally, some food Scientists are employed full time or part time as college faculty, teaching classes & performing research in a wide range of areas.

A large number of career opportunities are available for Food Technology students both in Government & Private sectors. Following are some of them;

  • Agricultural provincial & federal government departments
  • Research organizations
  • Multinational & local Food industry
  • Public & private sector food testing laboratories
  • Food regulatory & certification organizations
  • Food authorities e.g PFA
  • Colleges and universities
  • Small business development agencies
  • Dairy development sector
  • Hotel industry
  • Food ingredient suppliers

That’s all about “What is Food Technology & It’s Career Scope in Pakistan”. In case of any query, feel free to comment or contact us.

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